The LUX FIX Story

Never Ever Look Ordinary

LUX FIX founders Alice and Rebecca are lifelong friends who couldn’t look more different but they do share one crucial thing, they both want to walk through the door of an event, party or meeting looking fabulous!

Style At Every Age

Both Alice and Rebecca have been swapping clothes with their mothers since they were teenagers and they hope to with their own daughters. They know it doesn’t matter if you’re 30 or 65, you’ve got a whole lot going on with family, friends, work and travel, and you want to look stand-out when you go to an event.

Timeless Fashion

Alice and Rebecca know you don’t need to slavishly follow trends to look fabulous. LUX FIX's designers take the best vintage shapes of the past and update them for today, creating timeless pieces that will still look good a decade from now.

Support Designer Talent

Shop with LUX FIX and you are supporting brilliant British designer talent! Every piece on LUX FIX has been lovingly created by an independent designer who is passionate about every aspect of their products - fabric, fit and finish.