Having travelled extensively from an early age, Sushilla Done has been inspired by the vibrant colours and natural textures seen in places as diverse as Khartoum, Victoria Falls, the Nile, Marrakech, the Palaces of Istanbul and of course, India.

Sushilla saw her first example of an uncut, unpolished jewel in the raw while travelling with her parents from Lusaka to Livingston; on the roadside she saw large chunks of rough Amethyst. Decades later, while sourcing semi precious stones in India, Sushilla saw a rough unpolished piece of Smithsonite which reminded her of the blue sky over the Victoria Falls. All these life experiences have shaped her vision for her creations.

Sushilla says her design ethos is simply explained, if the stone is beautiful in colour, shape and quality, then it should be set to allow the simple beauty of the stone to shine.

Sushilla travels to India twice a year, where she works closely with the workshops that produce her jewellery. It is during these trips that new stones are sourced.